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Are you planning to expend your business to Poland or any other European Union country?

The National Institute of Business Control (in Polish: Krajowy Instytut Kontroli Biznesowej -KIKB) has been established in Poland to provide guidance and support to private entrepreneurs in introduction of measures and internal procedures, which can be used in case of tax control conducted by the Customs and Tax Authorities in Poland and other European Union countries.

The KIKB is an institution with an objective of defining and introducing to the Polish and the European fiscal system the concept of business controls as stipulated in the EU Council Directive 2010/45/EU “On the common system of value added tax as regards the rules on invoicing”.

The directive requires any business entity to ensure the authenticity of the origin, the integrity of the content and the legibility of an invoice. This may be achieved by any business controls which create a reliable audit trail between an invoice and a supply of goods or services The KIKB experts have great expertise in tax control and are ready to use their knowledge to the benefit of their clients. In case you choose KIKB to be your partner in business our perfectly prepared experts are ready to support you and create effective solutions tailored for your business in case of any problems with tax authorities.